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Cycle X 1030cc Piston Kit (72mm) Flat Top or Turbo
Manufactured by Wiseco

These "K" or "F" pistons can be used in a few applications.
Designed for "K" models with a 9 to 1 CR for street life with large "F" valve pockets for big cams and valves.
Many customers have used these pistons in "K" model Turbo bikes with the proper chamber mods, gaskets and such.

Many customers have used these pistons in Turbo 77-78 "F" models (call for details)

ENP-1030-72     $559.95



Cycle X 1000cc Piston Kit (71.5mm) "K" Model
Manufactured by Wiseco

Cycle X 1000cc piston kits for Honda CB750 K models 69-78'
Includes  71.5mm forged pistons, rings, clips, and wrist pins.
10 1/4 Compression

ENP-1000-71.5K     $499.95

Call for availability





70mm / 970cc Wiseco Coated Piston Set

These piston kits were designed for a customer and we have 2 extra sets for sale.
Depending on your combustion chamber, this kit averages in the higher 10 to 1 ratios with "K" heads.
This ratio would be perfect for larger camshafts that need higher compressions.
The pistons are made by Wiseco and have a bare weight of 165 grams.
They have an Armor-Glide coating on the skirts and a heat repellant coating which drastically reduces piston temperatures.
By the way, the kits are complete with wrist pins, circlips and rings.
The kit also has the best cylinder sleeves in the industry.


ENP-970-70     SUPER SALE $749.95





Cycle X 970cc (70mm) "K" Model
Manufactured by Wiseco

These 10 1/4 CR pistons come with pistons, rings, circlips and wrist pins only.
Cycle X 970cc piston kits for Honda CB750 K models 69-78'
Note: Complete kits with sleeves and gasket are listed below.

 ENP-970-70K     $559.95

Call for availability





Cycle X 970cc Pistons (70mm) 12-1/2 CR "K" Models (Armor Glide Coated)
Manufactured by Wiseco

Designed for "K" models 12 1/2 CR with big valves and camshafts.
Complete kit as shown.

ENP-970-70K-12.5CR     $559.95



Cycle X 970cc Pistons (70mm) 10-1/4 CR 77-78 "F" Models (Armor Glide Coated)
Manufactured by Wiseco

Complete as shown.

ENP-970-70F-10.25CR     $559.95




Cycle X 915cc Pistons (Armor Glide Coated)
67.50 Wiseco and Cycle X designed pistons (forged)

155 grams per piston (4 grams lighter than a stock piston-bare piston weight). Generous valve relief for big cams and big valves. 
10.25:1 compression ratio.
Head gasket, Rings, Circlips, Wrist Pins

ENP-915     $559.95





"Pop Top" 890cc Piston Sets with Armor Glide Coating

These 67mm piston sets are designed for Honda CB750 (69-78 SOHC) that are using big duration and lift camshafts.
Generally used when camshaft manufactures request 12.5 or higher compression ratios.
Complete kits with sleeves are listed below.

Very limited stock! One (1) available!

ENP-890     $559.95






JE 836cc Piston Kits

High standard piston kit including 836 pistons, rings, wrist pins, circlips, etc.

















ENP-JE-836     $449.95

Call for availability




Honda 750 SOHC 69-78 836cc ("K" Models)
Manufactured by Wiseco

10 1/4 Compression. These pistons have the valve cutaway machined in them for bigger cams. Without this cutaway, you can only use smaller cams without much power gain.
Piston Kit Includes:
Pistons, Rings, Circlips, & Wrist Pins

ENP-836-K     $449.95




Cycle X 836cc Pop-Top 12-1/2 CR for "K" Models (Armor Glide Coated)
Manufactured by Wiseco

 These Cycle X pop-top piston kits feature 12 1/2 CR, for big valve and big cam applications.
These pistons are a must when using big duration cams to correct the CR ratio.

ENP-836POP-K     $559.95

Call for availability





Cycle X 836cc Pistons 77-78 "F" Models (Armor Glide Coated)
Manufactured by Wiseco

 Designed for the 77-78 "F" models with the correct dome and valve pockets to match your 77-78 Supersport hot-rod Honda combustion chamber.

ENP-836-F     $559.95

Call for availability




Cycle X 849cc Big Bore Kit

Cycle X 849cc piston kits are permanent mold, cast pistons.
849cc piston kits are 65mm, our kits are 65.5mm which allows you to
re-bore your worn, tired 836cc cylinders.

Note: Cycle X 849cc big bore kits are now coated with a "tin" anti friction coating to make them even better.

Cycle X Piston Kit Includes:
Pistons, rings, wrist pins, circlips - 10 1/2 compression ratio will be determined with varying combustion chamber modifications or years.
Large valve relieves for hot street cams - Replacement rings are in stock.
Balanced exact and weigh the same as stock 750 pistons.

Extra displacement and compression require longer duration cams for best performance and reliability.

ENP-849-KIT     $249.95




Cycle X 2nd (0.50) Over Piston Kits
Introducing our Cycle X  61.50 Piston Sets

Super high quality (exact OEM specs)
Our pistons are better. Why?
3 Piece Oil Rings - Chrome Top Ring (a must for today's fuels) 
All Cycle X pistons are now manufactured with a anti-friction  "Tin coating."
This coating has been used for 30+ years on pistons with great success.
And, they cost less money.
(4) Pistons, Rings, wrist pins, circlips

Note: These pistons are manufactured with the 69-76 dome height.
77-78 K models had slightly smoother combustion chamber so 77-78 K model pistons had a slight dome on the piston. Because the dome height on 77-78 K pistons is very small, our pistons can be used without power loss issues.

ENP-2ND.050    $199.95





Big Bore Complete Kits

Cycle X 970cc (70mm) Pop Top 12.5 CR Top End Kit (Armor Glide Coated)
Cycle X design, Manufactured by Wiseco

Cycle X 970cc kits are complete as shown for Honda K models (69-78)
These 12.5 CR pistons are a must for any big duration cam you are considering.
The Cylinder sleeves are best in the industry (top case boring required)
 MLS head gaskets (financed and tested by Cycle X)
Base gasket (cut out for bigger sleeves)
No leak, no sealer required Valve cover gasket. (another financed and tested product by Cycle X)
Valve seals, "O" rings to complete your go-fast project.


ENP-970POP-KIT     $889.95




Cycle X 970cc Kit
Cycle X design, Manufactured by Wiseco

Cycle X 970cc kits for Honda K models (69-78)
Lightest pistons in the industry (169 grams-bare)
10+1/4 compression, MLS Head Gasket, Sleeves
Forged Pistons Rings, Clips, Wrist Pins

ENP-970-KIT     $859.95





Cycle X 915cc Kit  (Armor Glide Coated)
67.50 Wiseco & Cycle X Designed Pistons (forged)

155 grams per piston (4 grams lighter than a stock piston-bare piston weight). Sleeves are world class quality and designed to fit in the upper case without boring.
Generous valve relief for big cams and big valves.
10.25:1 compression ratio. Rings. Circlips. Wrist pins.
Note: Our sleeve design allows "O" rings to be used on the base side of the sleeves (like OEM) "O" are included in the kit.
Cycle X Race Team Approved

ENP-915-KIT     $699.95




Cycle X 890cc 12.5 Piston and Sleeve Kit

No upper case boring needed with our world class racing sleeves, armor glide coated light weight pistons.
Honda CB750 SOHC bikes love this kit size, with or without port work.

ENP-890-KIT     $699.95

Call for availability




Cycle X Piston, Cam & Gasket Kit

2nd over piston kit. (See above)
360 lift / 270 duration drop in cam.
Complete gasket set.

ENP-006     $458.95



Cylinder Sleeves for 836, 849 & 900cc Bore Kits

Even though 836 and 849cc big bore kits have been around for years, some people believe that the wall thickness is thin.
These sleeves were designed for our 900cc Big Bore kits, but they have a 64mm inside diameter so they can be used for 836 and 849cc pistons when greater wall thickness is desired.
Outside diam. is 2.916 inches (74mm)
Note: Cylinder block will need to be bored for these sleeves.
Cycle X cast iron sleeves are the best in the industry.

836-849-900-SLEEVES     $129.95     (set of 4)





Big Bore Sleeves
Best in the industry!

Sleeves for 970, 1000 and above. 69mm I.D., 74.5mm O.D.





Honda 750 Standard Ring Set

1969-1976. Change your rings while your motor is apart.

ENP-013     $89.95  (per set)




836cc Ring Set (Wiseco)

Replacement rings for your 836 kit.
Question: If we take our motor apart, can we use the rings again?  Answer: No

ENP-012     $99.95 (per set)




Piston Circlips

 CIRCLIPS     $10.95     (Set of 8)



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