The Problem:
Honda CB750 F Supersport models have several problems with the top ends.
They wear out valve guides prematurely, the valves are unleaded fuel unfriendly, the top valve spring retainers are stamped steel and can pull the keepers through causing a valve to drop in the motor.

The Fix:
Cycle X Cast Iron Valve Guides:
Kibblewhite manufactured cast iron guides are made from the best hardened material available. The guides are 49.50 mm in length for added support and longevity.
Cycle X Intake Valves:
One piece forged, high nickel stainless, swirl polished and nitride coated.

Cycle X Exhaust Valves:
Kibblewhite manufactured exhaust valves received ours and Kibblewhite's full attention because the exhaust valves and guides are the biggest problem. These specially designed exhaust valves have great flow characteristics and combined with Kibblewhite's proven black diamond process makes these valves the best money can buy.

Cycle X Valve Seals:
Perfect for this combination of valves and guides.

Cycle X Retainers:
Honda CB750 77-78 K's and especially F2's have the potential of the keepers pulling through the top spring retainers and dropping the valve into the motor. Many people have felt this heartbreak for the past 30+ years. Honda's later model spring retainers are stamped steel, combined with a steep keeper angle, has only been addressed by complete spring kits costing hundreds of dollars, until now.
 We have been working with Kibblewhite and have developed these top retainers to cure this problem once and for all at a reduced cost.






F2 Drain Hole Modification

As great as Honda is and was...a mistake was made.

4 cylinder studs are exposed through the fins in the head which could allow dirt and road debris to enter the lower end.

Honda tried to correct this problem by putting large O rings at the bottom of the studs to prevent water and debris from entering the motor.

Here is what we do, drain holes are drilled and honed to accept brass tubes. Brass tubes are pressed into place and problem solved.

$129.00 (Parts and labor)









F2/F3 camshaft and spring tid-bits of info.

This photo simply shows valve to valve measuring location when big camshafts, oversize valves or both are being considered.

"Valve to valve"

You will need a minimum of .040 valve to valve clearance.
The camshaft and valve spring selection for the F2/F3 models is not as limited as you think. With a little help from the Camshaft, Springs & Related page, you can take advantage of those big valves in the 77-78 F models.











Honda CB750 F2/F3 head gasket note:

These 77-78 F combustion chambers are oval shaped and regular K model head gaskets that are sold will not work. There are a few standard OEM Honda 77-78 F floating around on eBay and other places. If you want to run a MLS head gasket, you can use a 65mm or bigger bore without a problem.













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