High performance Honda cb750 sohc 2nd gear.
Rule of thumb:
You can never have a strong enough 2nd gear.
$ 425.00            # HR-032



Weber Carburetors With RC Engineering Manifold
Removed from a running Honda cb750 sohc chopper.
Super 70,s carb system.

# HR-028



We obtained these KEIHIN CR 31mm "Tickler" carburetors in a buy-out.

The carburetors appear to be new or almost brand new.

Apparently these carburetors were designed and used on Honda cb750 race machines .....
then Yoshimura offered them for Kawasaki's and others.

These are the Kawasaki versions with spacing of (2.953 1-2. 3.800 2-3. 2.953 1-2)

      We are not experts on these vintage CR race carbs ......... pretty sure you vintage Kawasaki people know more about these.
$ 2900.00     # HR-025




We obtained these KEIHIN CR 31mm "Tickler" carburetors in a buy-out.

Spaced for Kawaski race bikes in the 70,s era (2.953 1-2. 3.800 2-3. 2.953 1-2)

The slides move freely ...... the carburetors will need to be refurbished.


Missing 2 float bowl drain plugs.

We are not experts on these vintage CR race carbs ......... pretty sure you vintage Kawasaki people know more about these.
$ 1800.00     # HR-026



Race Fairing from the 60,s 70,s era
Let us know if you have any questions or need measurements.

$ 799.00      # HR-005



Dunstall complete fairing, gas tank and tail piece.

This complete Dunstall fairing, tank and tail piece was purchased from a Honda cb750 sohc enthusiast.

Just to be sure ....... we rested the tank and tail piece on a Honda frame and it fits nicely. Although there are no mounting brackets included.

Looks like it could be made to fit other makes and models.

The front fairing has the gauge openings (super cool) and the windshield is dirty but looks in really good condition.

If you are a vintage, rare parts collector you will enjoy the signature "Dunstall" embossment by the gauge area. No fairing brackets.

Really cool stuff from the 70,s area.

This body work is large and shipping could be a problem.


Not suggesting this shipping option ........... but a customer in the past had us cut a Tracy body in half to save on shipping. (he was a body man and painter)

Also, we get to Milwaukee Wisconsin from time to time and could potentially deliver.
# HR-029   $ 1600.00



Kimtab "snow flake" front wheel.
These Kimtab "snow flake" mag wheels are super rare and were removed from a functioning Honda cb750 sohc custom.
Front wheel:
This front wheel is set up for Honda cb750 bearings, spacers and disc or dual disc,s.
Freshly powder coated with the vintage gold color used on many motorcycles and cars years ago.
19 inch.
2.15 wide.


Kimtab "snow flake" rear wheel.
This rear wheel was removed from a running functioning Honda cb750 sohc custom. (drum brake frame)
This wheel has all the cool 70,s era products to complement the very rare Kimtab magnesium wheels.

18 inch rim.
3.00 wide rim for respectability wider tires.
Freshly powder coated.
Azusa dual row sprockets and "new" rear chain. (Super masculine appearing)
Hurst air-heart braking system. (period correct coolness)
Drag bike rear brake rotor from the 70,s.
Set-up for drum brake frames.

Front and rear wheels sold as a set.

$ 4400.00     # HR-031




75-76 Honda cb750 "F" Super sport rear wheel.
4.25 wide by 18 inch chrome rim.
Heavy-duty stainless steel spokes.
Powder coated hub. ( satin black)
Laced and trued.
Nice wheel!!!
$ 625.00   # HR-020



Honda cb750 sohc 69-78 crankshaft combo.
"When only the best will do"

Measured and visually inspected. (primary teeth, Alternator taper and journal dimensions)
Checked for straightness. (seems like a no-brainer)
Blind hole ball bearings removed and cleaned. (50 years of dirt waiting to ruin your day)
Connecting rod oil holes enlarged and relieved. (race proven procedure)
Balanced to perfection. (best balancer and procedures available)

Connecting rods:
Measured and visually inspected.
Glass beaded and balanced. (stock rods are seldom perfect)
Connecting rod "big-end" resized with Sunnen equipment. (more proven performance procedures)
Stronger connecting bolts installed. (more insurance for a high level quality build)

Dry film coated bearings:
Race proven and a must for stock and performance builds. (not all coatings are equal ... ours is the best)

Final assembly:

Measure and install proper size connecting rod bearings. (perfect)

$725.00   # HR-021



69mm stroker kit.
Pretty sure everybody has heard of using DOHC 900 crankshafts in SOHC models.
Here is an abandoned project with 5 minutes of run time.

Measured and inspected. (checked for straightness also)
Blind hole ball bearings removed and thoroughly cleaned. (clean is good)
Connecting rod oil holes relieved. (standard procedure for all crankshaft work)
Balanced to perfection. (more standard procedures)
This crankshaft was sent to Micro-blue for their anti-friction coating. (we do anything to go fast)
Hy-Vo chain:
Proper length for this "go-fast" kit. (made by Ramsey)
Cryo treated. (every chain in this building is Cryo treated)
Polished out side portion of the chain. ( a procedure used on Harley twin cams to make the tensioners last 4 times longer)
Clutch hub chain wheel:

Rebuilt with new cush rubbers and bearings. (yes ... a must)
Goldwing sprocket sent to Micro blue for coating. (more performance thoughts)
Assemble clutch hub chain wheel and balance (should be no debate about balancing motor parts)

$650.00           # HR-023



1-2-3 Auto Drag Bike Transmission
Auto transmissions are used throughout the drag racing world and will lower your elapsed times considerably.
This transmission is from a 1978 Honda cb750 Super-sport and has zero runs on it.
The auto modifications were done by RD transmissions in Florida.
Fully coated gears, shafts, forks, fork shaft and shift drum.
$ 1399.00    # HR-024



Original CycleX Super-rods (new)

These CycleX super-rods are new and the ARP connecting rod bolts are included.
Strong as hell and able to handle the highest horsepower applications.
Last set. New.
$ 599.00         # HR-000



Carillo Rods
Honda cb750 69-78
Refurbished and ready to go.
Standard length.
 316 grams.
$ 899.00    
 # HR-011



Falicon Knife Edge Connecting Rods
Refurbished and ready to go.
Indestructible "Knife edge" rods proven to be strong and reliable at a great price.

$ 499.00    # HR-018



Billet    Oil pump ........... New

This oil pump was manufactured by a company that built products for the TQ mini sprint car racing world.
The oil pump body and rotors are precisely manufactured together for a perfect match.
The rotors and shaft have been treated with race proven coatings for a long and friction free life.
The lower oil pump housing is OEM and includes a new rubber stopper and spring. The pressure relief spring has been changed to our 8% stronger version with 2 additional shims.
Includes (3) dowel pins and (3) "O" rings 
Proven performance.

Might be the only billet (new) pump left in the world!     
$ 1199.00          # HR-002 



The Highest Level. 77-78 F2-F3  5mm valve system.

We are proud to reintroduce the 77-78 Honda cb750 Super sport 5mm valve kit.
This kit is used by the top engine builders world wide.
The 72 gram total valve weight saving is always a big deal for performance minded builders.
Don't forget our titanium valve adjuster nuts for more weight savings.
 # HR-001        $ 949.00 ( Limited Supply)


RC Engineering Head / 5mm Kit:
Cylinder head modifications:
This RC cylinder head has been fully ported with combustion chamber blending.
We corrected a few things and added 34mm intakes. The seat area was opened up to 86% of the valve size for a proven performance upgrade.
The combustion chamber has been opened to 62mm which would be perfect for you AHRMA folks.
Surfaced to minus .019
Heli-coiled cam tower area with longer coils for strength.
Valve guides have been installed, reamed and a muti-angled valve job was performed.
We have this head nearly completed .... Until a camshaft is selected. At that time valve to valve clearances and spring pressures will need to be checked and set. 

Race proven Kibblewhite 5mm valve kit:
These kits have been used in the TQ sprint car world for decades and proven to be reliable. The TQ cars have been known to exceed 12 thousand rpm consistently.
With these lightweight valves ... Spring pressures can be set lower to gain power and make life easer on valve trane components.
Add lightweight Titanium adjustor nuts and lighten rocker arms for the full benefits of this kit.
$ 1975.00         # HR-003



1124cc Stroker kit (complete)
This 1124cc kit is not some worn-out abused engine parts.
69mm freshly refurbished, stroked, micro polished, and balanced to perfection to under a half a gram crankshaft.
New forged Alcoa 72mm pistons, Total seal rings with  a advertized compression ratio of 12.5 to 1.
The cylinder has been freshly re-sleeved, milled .030, bored and honed to perfection.

Refurbished Falicon "knife edge" connecting rods with ARP 625 plus 21 bolts
$ 3100.00          # HR-004



Honda CB750 American Turbo Pack Turbo "COMBO"

Complete kit with Cerakoted head pipes.
MTC (alcoa) 65mm 836cc pistons. (pre-owned but nearly new)
These pistons are flat tops for turbo and other applications with deep valve pockets for larger camshafts.
New rings.
Early cylinder ..... Bored, honed and surfaced.
Blasted with medium media for good paint adhesion.
Nice fins

$3999.00    # HR-007




"Big Air" Honda high-performance cylinder heads.
#1 option. 
These "Big Air" heads are some of the most powerful Honda heads ever built.
This highly modified cylinder head started life as a 77-78 F super sport head with special built 5mm valves, bee-hive springs and hundreds of hours in porting and combustion chamber work.
Now for the fun part ...... These heads produced over 124HP on a TQ midget chassis dyno with only a 67mm (900cc) bore.
. 410 cylinder head with 27.5 chambers.
Bare head.
1900.00           # HR-008   
These heads are "full race".
Valves, springs and other modifications would have additional pricing.



Big Air-Head Kit.
 #2 Option.
These "Big Air" heads are some of the most powerful Honda heads ever built.
This highly modified cylinder head started life as a 1976 22cc K model head with special built 5mm valves, bee-hive springs and hundreds of hours in porting and combustion chamber work.
Now for the fun part ...... These heads produced over 124HP on a TQ midget chassis dyno with only a 67mm (900cc) bore.

# HR-Kmod. This cylinder head has 25cc chambers.
Bare head.
$1900.00       # HR-030

These heads are "full race".
Valves, springs and other modifications would have additional pricing.




 Honda cb750 big-block (New)

 # HR-012





 Honda cb750 plated big-block cylinder with MTC pistons

Kit includes:
71mm MTC alcoa forged pistons (10.5 to 1)
Wiseco rings #2795XC
Wrist pins sized for buttons.

Solid "big finned" cylinder for street or competition.
Pistons sized and fitted.
Cylinder plating by Miiennium.

All new!

# HR-013




RC Engineering Big-Block Cylinder #1
 These cylinders are so cool.
# HR-014






RC Engineering Big-block Cylinder #2
This #2 cylinder is a 71.5mm.

 # HR-015



RC Engineering Big-Block With Coated 73mm Pistons #3
 These RC engineering cylinder and piston kit have been refurbished by the best in the industry and ready to go!

Kit includes:
Original RC enginnering pistons (73mm)
Skirt and dome coating by Swain coating.
Hastings quality ring sets.
Wrist pins sized for alloy buttons.
Cometic base and head gaskets.




RC Engineering Big-block Cylinder #4
This RC engineering big block needs a sleeve replaced.
The other 3 sleeves are sized for 70mm pistons.
# HR-027





CycleX #6 "Big-Port Head"  F-2 F-3 #410 Head
Some of the most powerful heads ever built!
These "big-port" head started as a 77-78 F Supersport model.
Max ported and the fins are polished to perfection.

Call for any questions.

Bare head



66MM 860cc Big Bore Kit Combo ( K and F models)

This might be the perfect big-bore kit for Honda cb750s. Combined with port work and CX-11 camshaft this kit produced over 120HP in a TQ mini sprint car on a chassis dyno ..... Not an engine dyno.

Kit includes:
CycleX stepped sleeves for no upper case boring in most cases. (great sleeves)
JE pistons with armor glide coatings.
66mm bore (2.5986)
Comp height .940  (Basically 12.5 to 1 with a K model head)
XA6600 ring set.
Generous valve pockets for oversize valves.

We use these 860cc in many 77-78 Honda cb Super sport models. This kit will help with the larger combustion chambers for sensible compression ratios for hot-street life.  
$ 928.00         # HR-010



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