Upgraded Charging System & Dyno Area Kit. (used on most builds)

Kit includes:
New Stator. Trouble free proven upgrade.
New regulator (lithium or lead acid battery)
Rewound field coil for higher out-put (20 amps)
Pig-tail wire harness. Nice and fresh.
Lightened alternator. Nice addition for quicker revs' 
Refurbished starter gear with starter springs and rollers.
CycleX "no leak" dyno cover gasket.

Nice, complete, upgraded kit with modern components and thoughts. 
$ 699.00        # GK-001



Hard Welded Rocker Arms, New Adjustors & Titanium Jam Nuts.
Kit includes:
Hard welded rocker arms are recommended by many camshaft manufactures.
Higher spring pressures and oils with low zinc are usually hard on "flat tappet" designs (like Honda)
Valve adjusters lead a hard life .... so we included them in the kit.
CycleX titanium jam nuts are precisely machined and weight almost nothing
$ 575.00    # GK-002




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