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Mildly ported, refurbished K model cylinder head.

CycleX - Kibblewhite cast iron valve guides
Kibblewhite valve set with "oversize intake valves".
Kibblewhite springs.
Viton valve seals.

Blasted with medium grit for paint adhering.
Milled for clean-up.
Valve guides installed and reamed for Kibblewhite valves.
 Multi-angle valve job.
Cleaned and assembled with parts listed.
Great fins!

Price coming soon.

# CYL-100



Freshly ported K model cylinder head .... completely refurbished.

High quality valve set (Kibblewhite)
Standard size intake and exhaust valves.
(4) CycleX exhaust valve guides (intake guides were perfect)
New spring set (Kibblewhite)
Kibblewhite viton valve seals.
Great fins.

Blasted with medium grit for paint adhering.
Milled for clean-up.
Valve guides installed and reamed for Kibblewhite valves.
 Multi-angle valve job.
Cleaned and assembled with parts listed.
Great fins!

Price coming soon
# CYL-200



                     Freshly ported K model head (same as #cyl-200)
Price coming soon.

                                                                                                             # CYL-300



                        One of our favorite cylinder heads for racing and hot-street life.
Bronze valve seats installed.
Bronze valve guides.
REV brand oversize intake valves. Race proven stainless steel with hard chrome finish.
Kibblewhite standard exhaust valves.
Titanium top retainer and spring kit.
Kibblewhite viton valve guide seals.

Labor and machine work:
Perfectly ported with many "tricks of the trade"
Nice combustion chamber work for a happy motor.
Surfaced for clean-up.
Valve guide installation, reaming and finish work.
Multi-angle competition valve job.
Welded intake spigots. (needed when max porting is done)
# CYL-400
Price coming soon.



Performance ported refurbished Honda cb750 cylinder head. (K model)

Kibblewhite black diamond valves.
34mm intake valves with 28mm exhaust valves.
CycleX cast iron valve guides (full set)
Kibblewhite spring set.
Light weight top retainers.
Kibblewhite viton valve seals.

Labor and machine work:

Valve guides reamed, honed and tapered.
Multi-angle performance valve job.
Spring pressures set. (69lbs)

# CYL-500

Price coming soon.




Very nicely ported K model cylinder head for the do-it-your self folks.

This is a bare head ..... first photo is incorrect.
Fully ported head with nice combustion chamber work.

# CYL-600
Price coming soon.




Big Port version #6 cylinder head.
Price and more details coming soon.

# CYL-700




Big Port version #6 cylinder head.
Price and details coming soon.

# CYL-800





Big port, max ported, fully polished, 410 Super sport head.
These #6 cylinder heads are used on some of the fastest Hondas when large bore kits are used.

The problem when Max porting:
When max porting the intake spigots break through into the threaded area causing potential leaks or the need for epoxy.
The cure:
We have machined and inserted larger intake spigots.

Freakishly prefect polishing.
CycleX tapered cast iron valve guides (the best)
Started life as a 77-78 Super-sport head (410 head)
Some of our most detailed port work.
Currently set-up for 34mm intakes valves and 31mm exhaust valves.
Uses Suzuki 1000cc intake insulators.

Apologize for the camera work ..... ports are very difficult to photograph.   

# CYL-900
Bare head.




The famous "Big Air" cylinder head.
Yep ..... this cylinder head will put you in the winners circle.
Hard to believe the amount of effort that was put into this cylinder head.

Call for details or recommendations.

# CYL-1000
Price coming soon.



Well traveled Fast by Ferracci cylinder head.
Well traveled cylinder head?

Many years ago we heard of a extremely fast and nearly unbeatable TQ mini sprint car in the New York area.

The TQ midget was going to retire and we purchased the motor to see what Ferracci did to the motor ..... most of the motor was pretty normal except for a few things in the cylinder head.

The most interesting part of the head was the 15 degree upwards exhaust ports. With a few changes to the cylinder head and building a exhaust system we noticed the head made some great power.

Years later .... the FBF cylinder head was sold and about to be used on a TQ in Indiana. Before the head could be used .... the head needed to be adapted to a large Engler fuel injection system.

The head was sent to Vance and Hines back room to adapt and make a few changes. The owner apparently knew the boys at Vance and Hines.

Well traveled!!!    Anyway,  On a chassis dyno this head made approx 126.2 horsepower with a 67mm bore.
 Did we mention these numbers were achieved on the chassis dyno with big tires?

Bare head.    

# CYL-1100
Price coming soon.



Fast by Gast cylinder head and combustion chamber work.
Plenty of thought, alterations and porting have been done to this cylinder head.

# CYL-1200
Price coming soon.




High velocity "down draft" Honda cb750 cylinder head.

Currently set up for 5mm valve system.
Bare head.
Huge effort went into these heads.
Frame alterations will be needed to the frame (stock frame) under the gas tank to clear the carburetors.

# CYL-1300
Price coming soon.






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