Honda cb350F, cb400, cb500 and cb550 High out-put field Coils

Rewound for higher out-put in the USA.
Many of these Honda cb models from 70,s era lack the necessary out-put for any upgrades in ignitions and such.
Problem solved. $ 349.00


Honda CB750 (69-78)  Complete Refurbished Charging Systems
NEW Cycle X "High output  20 amp system"

$ 599.00 For Use With Standard Battery Or  Lithium Battery
( Please Specify )

These refurbished, rewound stators and field coils should solve your charging problems for good. Fresh wires and exit rubbers with make your assembling procedure a breeze.
   Also included is a  solid state voltage regulator.  We offer this kit for standard  OR Lithium battery now.
Also comes with a gasket .

Stock Honda cb750 charging systems are approx. 13.5 amps and are prone to be even lower with old wires and poor connections.
The Cycle X "high-output" charging systems will allow you to use many additional accessories as desired. Now In Stock! 

$ 599.00

                                 CHOOSE BATTERY TYPE:



Honda cb500, cb550 71-78:

We had such good luck with the cb750 high out put field coils .... we had these done for the 500, 550,s.
Re-wound higher out-put fields coil. (USA)
New, proven quality stators.
New, voltage regulator/rectifier.
Part # ELX-500



Cycle X Exposed Charging System.
Back for a limited production run.

Many people have been asking about the super cool Cycle X exposed charging system and if we have anymore in stock.
Well, we decided to make another production run.
Just in case you forgot............
Kit includes:
3 phase stator (upgraded for more out-put)
                       1 1/5 pound magnetic rotor ( for instant throttle response)                 
   Solid state voltage reg/rec.
Cycle X heavy-duty block-off plate ( looks awesome with race trimmed tranny cover)
Gasket and all hardware included.
Many race teams and endurance competitors have used this system.
Limited Supply !          # ELC-111        $ 549.00



Stator & Field Coil Wire Exit Rubbers
Not Exactly Breaking News...........But 50 year Old Rubbers Can Cause oil Leaks. Thought You Might Need These! $ 19.00 Per pair


Honda CB750 SOHC Stator Block Off Plate

Stator block-off plate for you drag and road race folks. Cycle X block-off plates are nice and thick as opposed to the plates from the 70's era.

Oil seal and gasket included.

Honda CB750 SOHC 69-78.

$199.00            ENL-023



Cycle X Lightened Alternator Package

Quote: "Those Honda CB750s are really smooth running."
Quote: "I installed an RC engineering lightened rotor for more rev capability (love that old performance stuff)"

Well, the second photo shows an early (6.9 lbs), late (5.7 lbs) and a Cycle X alternator (4.66 lbs)

Before we go any further!

Our balancer shows stock Honda CB750 crankshafts and alternator rotors out of balance. This may be due to mass production or just 70's technology.

So, lets say your crankshaft is out of balance 6 grams (we have seen this). Let's say your rotor is out of balance 5 grams (we have seen that also)
Lets say you reassemble your motor with heavy side of the crankshaft and heavy side of the rotor on the same side. (Do the math) Smooth running and happy?

The third photo shows an old RC lightened rotor that is out of balance 6.846 grams (More math)

Introducing the Cycle X Lightened Alternator package:
- Lightened and balanced to perfection rotor.
- Puller to remove you old, heavy and out of balance rotor
- Oil seal for your starter ring gear.
- Cycle X exclusive no leak gasket (No sealer needed)

Note: The Cycle X balancer measures inch grams, making our crankshafts and rotors the best in the industry and history.

40+ years later, you now say, "Those Honda CB750s are really smooth running."

For 1969-78 Only

Note: Exchange basis only (Send yours and we'll send you a lightened alternator)

ENL-020A     $146.95

Call or e-mail to order. 


Ignition Switch

This is the switch we use all the time. Starts like a car, turn the key all the way to the right and the bike starts. We use this switch because it eliminates the need for a starter button.

$27.00               EL-009

Rotor Pulley Tool

$ 13.95   # EL-005





Easy Mount Solenoid

A solenoid with a mount tab? That should make things easy. Most starter solenoids require that rubber booty for mounting.  Our NEW solenoid has tabs for mounting.    

$39.95            EL-004


The Ultimate Spark Plugs

Apparently technology has reached the spark plug world. There are a few people who have our carb system and love the system, but went through a few spark plugs now and then. They changed to these NGK IRIDIUM Spark Plugs and the plugs had a perfect brown plug reading. 

$42.00 SET OF FOUR            EL-006


Regulator / Rectifier

Replace your original components with a solid state unit. Mount it where you would like.

$117.00               EL-008





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