Cody from Buffalo, NY (Instagram: @cfagan85) built his '79 Super Sport equipped with the DOHC version of these carbs (found on our DOHC page) plus richer needles and our DOHC 3 phase charging system. More pictures of Cody's Super Sport can be found on our customer page.


Honda CB750, 900 & 1100 Mikuni RS 34mm Carburetors

The biggest problem with the Honda DOHC models (79-83) is the carburetors.
The removal of the air box or a exhaust change can make carb tuning a challenge on these models.
These Mikuni RS 34mm carburtors have been re-spaced, re-jetted and adapted to fit the Honda CB 750, 900, 1100 models (79-83)
Problem solved!


DOHC-34MM-CARBS     $1,145.00

Sale price! $1075.00

Call or email for availability.




Mikuni RS 34mm Air Filters

Fit the Mikuni carbs above.







Mikuni Velocity Stacks (Set of 4)

Available in 15mm, 30mm, and 70mm.
Compatible with our Mikuni carbs above.



In stock, email or call to order





Honda DOHC Carb Jet Kit

Honda CB750, 900 DOHC carburetors can be a pain if air filter pods or exhaust system changes are made.
Here is a jet kit to help with your Honda project bike. Many people try jetting their bikes by just changing main or pilot jets with know real progress. These kits have plenty of jets, but the needles are the science and cover a wide range of throttle positions.

JET-001     $139.00




79-82 Honda CB750 (4 Valve) 10.25/1 Comp 823cc Big Bore Kit

DO-010    $539.95

Call or email for availability.



Honda CB750 (4 Valve) 823cc Big Bore Kit with Armor-Glide & Thermo Barrier Coatings

Wiseco quality with Cycle X race proven coatings.

DO-011    $639.95

Call or email for availability.


Honda DOHC Neck Bearings

Safety is just as important as looks. Ever drive a bike with bad neck bearings? Not fun! This tapered neck bearing set will give you support that OEM ball bearings never had. With people changing neck angles, this bearing set is even more important!
Fits 1979-1983 DOHC

FR-034B   $39.95


DOHC Valve Springs

Titanium Retainers for Honda CB750 C/F/K/SC DOHC 1979-1983

 $129.95             DO-DOHC



Cycle X Flange Kit For DOHC

This flange kit replaces your old rusty stock flanges and the half moons on your DOHC bike. Works great with our 4 into 2 System!
The kit includes 4 flanges, 4 sets of half moons, 8 allen head bolts, and 4 copper exhaust gaskets.

DO-422F   $149.95

Call or email for availability.




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