Our drag bikes are the coolest around! Ask Taylor Swift and Paris Hilton!


 Here are a few pictures of our Cycle X Honda cb750 drag bike.
Be aware, these are mock-up photos and various motor parts in different stages.

This fun video demonstrates how our drag bike works at the moment. It's a powerful beast!

This is a work-in-progress. Check back for weekly updates!

Body of the cb750 drag bike before making any major modifications.

Original body from the back view, not too shabby.

After a quick paint job and adding to the original engine, gives it the classic Cycle X look.

Looks even better from the back now that we've spruced it up. Good start for going forward.



After adding the seat and other essentials, the drag bike is taking pretty good shape already!

Even looks pretty good from the side, see that shine?



After adding decals the next day, almost ready to hit the road...

...and with those decals, what better way to represent, right?

Now we just need a headlight cover and maybe an extra decal here and there...



Updated Motor Pics




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This cylinder head should get the job done !!!
Valve angle increased 1 degree for 38mm intake valve and 34mm exhaust valve clearancing.
25cc combustion chamber.
Kibblewhite 5mm springs (85 lbs seat pressure).
Kibblewhite blank valves were machined.
5.5mm valve stems.
"D" shaped exhaust ports.
Straight shot welded intake ports.




Wiseco helped us out with these 74mm piston blanks.
Relocated 17mm wrist pin holes for the 5mm stroke.
Valve pockets were machined for the Big-valve head.
Blank pistons were from a Honda TRX 250 quad.

15 1/2 compression ratio.


This Big-block cylinder ...... combined with our Cycle X MLS head gasket, will keep things stable and sealed nicely.


Lets start off by..... checking the upper case for clearance with the
Pro-rods and 5mm crankshaft (lower case and cylinder sleeve clearancing  will be checked later).

Yup.......... need to grind a bit.



40mm Lectrons will be used with power jets.
Intake ports have been tapped for NOS (just for kicks...someday)

Will, owner of  Kibblewhite, helped us with these world class cylinder studs. Check web-site for specs.
Thanks Will !!!!

Thanks Kevin, owner of Lectron, for these specially prepared 40 mm carburetors for our Drag Bike!

Jim from Megacycle helped us with this #125X25 camshaft.
.430" 270 intake
.445" 273 exhaust.
112 lobe center.( originally 105 and 105.5 )
Thanks Jim !!!

1-2-3 auto transmission is done and is ready to go.

Programmable, multi-spark, single fire, optical ignition from Cycle X



2nd Drag Bike

Just another bike outside of the shop that we're also working on. This one won't be updated as often, but the final outcome will still be out soon enough.










This is a work-in-progress. Check back for weekly updates!


It is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the purchaser to determine the suitability of any part, product or work for his or her use.
The purchaser shall assume all legal, personal injury risk and liability and all other obligations, duties and risks therewith.
There is no warranty on High Performance motors.?

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