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Recent Press Releases



New shop balancer!

This balancer has proven to balance crankshafts and clutch components to a fraction of a gram. This amazing product and technology will mathematically balance items to almost 30,000 RPMs. Crankshafts, chain wheels and clutch hubs will be in stock and balanced to absolute perfection.






The "Back Shop" at Cycle X

The bike shops from the olden days always had a "back shop" where secret and not-so-secret stuff happened.

Here are some photographs of cut-a-way motor parts to check and develop new products.

Between 3D imaging and hands on cut-a-way motor parts, product development and testing is what Cycle X is known for.



Final Fitment, Checking and Testing

This project presented several obstacles that needed the expertise of a world class machine shop in the great state of Texas. With a combination of 3D imaging, motor cut-a-ways and proven XPA-46 materials, no expense was spared. This floating/self compensating design and highly accurate machining processes surely makes this a candidate for product of the decade (we like saying that).






The Highest Level Billet Honda CB Pistons and Kits.

We are proud and excited to release these Billet Wiseco pistons with our race proven 30 degree Cycle X domes. These "Billet" piston kits are offered in road race legal 61mm pistons, 836cc (65mm) and 890cc (67mm) with more in production.

Why Billet?
Without blanks or forgings to achieve the race proven dome configurations, the pistons needed to be billet and built from scratch. Secondly, Billet pistons can be machined on the undersides to reduce even more weight and run shorter wrist pins. Conclusion, world class pistons for your five decade old hot-rod Honda.

The 836cc pistons have a bare weight of 161 grams and with tool steel wrist pins and XA ring sets.
Cycle X domes, Armor glide coatings, modern machining, larger/deeper valve pockets makes these pistons the obvious choice for your special bike. 

The 67mm (890cc) and larger piston kits are a perfect match in displacement and compression ratio for the Cycle X "Big Port" cylinder heads.

These pistons have a bare weight of 173 grams and have a Armor Glide skirt coating, tool steel wrist pins, XA ring sets, .00190 piston to cylinder wall clearance, and larger and deeper valve pockets for big valves and big camshafts.

Depending on the year or combustion chamber modifications, the compression ratios are in the 11.5 ish to 12.5 ish range. Your camshaft selection will affect or alter this figures.

Why Cycle X sleeves?
Our cylinder sleeve are denser, harder and longer wearing than any sleeve on the market. Most machinists can hear and feel the difference when boring/honing the cylinders.

Note: The compression ratios was determined with the timing edge of the piston flush with the top of the cylinder.

Note: The cylinder heads are stock cc combustion chambers without milling or surfacing and a .040 head gasket.

69-76 "K" model 22cc cylinder head combustion chambers will have approx 12.8 ish ratio
77-78 "K" model 24cc cylinder head combustion chambers will have approx 12.1 ish ratio
77-78 "F" models are in the 10.28 range.

Note: 890cc and above cylinders will require re-sleeving.








Honda CB750 Motor (Refurbishment) Factory in Full Production!

Quote: "I have never seen so many Honda parts in my life!"
- Chuck H from Chicago.

Every winter the shop turns into a full blown Honda motor factory.
• Cylinder heads, refurbished
• Cylinders, bored and honed.
• Crankshafts, balanced with Cycle X modifications.
• Transmissions, our specialty.
• Wheels, laced to perfection.
• Charging system components, rewound, reconditioned.  
• Oil pumps, a good idea.






Customers Pictures


If you've got a bike that you've been working on and we've helped you out with it (Tech support or using our parts) feel free to message us at with a picture and we might feature your story too! We're always eager to hear what customers are doing!

Steven Binyon. Three year project - '78 K Motor, Cycle X Gaskets, Cycle X Long Exhaust Pipes that have been show chromed. Denver's Choppers Frame, Sugar Bear Springer.






Ofer from Las Vegas.
Its nice to see people pushing their Hondas to high levels. 
His black Honda has an 836cc, Cycle X head and carb system.
Ofer says:
"This is one fast bike. Carbs work beautiful and the response is unreal, no Harley Davidson can touch me. Thanks."

(You're welcome.)



Great work from Mike V in FL






Dave H. from Riverside, CA


Tim P. from Pembroke, Mass.



Our friend Joe in beautiful West Virginia. Thanks Joe!



Bad is good! This bike is BAD! This should pick up Tyler's social life.


From St. Cloud, MN, Chuck P.'s work! You're practically our neighbor! Come visit!



Took me awhile, but I finally got ya on, Randy!



These are the latest from Chris in Venice, California.


Pix from Robert in Jacksonville, NC.



More great work coming from Ted & Co. in Pittsburgh, PA.


Very cool, Gene!



Meet Wayne! A great guy who has been working very hard, with great results!




This is Nathan who is from North Carolina and serving our country in the Air Force.
We are very proud and thankful for your service! Cool bike, too!


Here is Randy from Michigan!



Our customers come in all ages! What a cutie! Actually, this is from our buddy Rob Mills.



Hide from Japan should be proud of his HD. Very nice work! You've got GREAT style!



Look at the SuperSport and Hellboy from our friends in Denmark! 
We REALLY dig their work! Aren't these COOL?!


This is our good friend Jeff from our home state of Wisconsin!



Quote: "The Super-Drags sound freakin' bad-ass. The Carb Set-Up is awesome, too!"
 Darrell from Mississippi sent this photo of this nice Honda chop.


These are awesome bikes by our friend Gweltaz in France. We like what you've done!





This is from our mate Gary who has been riding it all over the North Island of New Zealand! Great Job!



You do some nice work, Mike! He sent us six more pics of his recent projects over in New Jersey a few years later, great to hear he's still on the grind with it!


Jeff came to the shop with his new HD chop.




Randy from Canada!




This is Doug's 750 auto from Pennsylvania. Cool, eh?




Chris Welborn's "Orange Crush!"  Very nice work!



















From our long time customer Alan!


Nashville Chris has a bike that is getting a lot of attention. Now you can see why!





Ward G. has a lot of experience building cars. Check out the perfect fender fitment.
"The Carb System really improves the look and performance."



Angelo's chop (kiki licker) What does kiki licker mean?
Nice to see people stepping up to the plate and building high level Honda's.
I think we know what kiki licker means.


Scott built this retro Honda chop. Check out the sissy pole, super drags, carb system etc.
Great guy, great bike.


Jason says:  "If you don't like my bike I'll kick your ass." Easy man, We like your bike!


Harry and his friends are doing some great things in Germany. Plus they are wonderful to deal with!
If I ever get to Germany, I'll buy you guys a Warsteiner!


This was the first bike Gary and his son from Minnesota built together. He used our carbs, Headers and Shocks.
He tells us it
"purrs like a kitten."


   The great thing about being in this business is we get the chance to create some great friendships with our customers. These are some pix from my buddy Ray. He even drove all the way from New York to meet us and join us for dinner at the house. And didn't even complain about my cooking. What a guy! Sorry it took so long to get this on here.

The highest level!  This is Chiba's bike (from JAPAN). This is what a lot of work and some money will get you.
Great job Chiba!
Check this out: Chiba's bike was made in America and built in Japan, our bikes were made in Japan and built in America.

Ron Hallstrom's bike (former Green Bay Packer). We did some service work for him.



Ron Green sent these photo's from Michigan. Looks like Ron paid close attention to every detail of his Honda 750 project. It's fine detail that will make him get more chicks! (If he was single) Nice job, Ron!

Dennis W. sent us this photo of his Honda chop. Nice bike, cool 70's looking race stripe!


Carlos H from Florida sent us these photo's of his Honda 550.  Check out the molding of his bike. 


Hey, check this out! This is a 500 by Chris in Venice, California!



These guys love Honda's! (Rick and Conrad from Missouri) Here is a picture of Conrad on his Honda. You would smile too if you had a high level bike like this!

Alan enjoys confusing people with his sport bike suspension on a HD. He is also going to relive his youth by building a 60's-70's chop. 


Darren built this super nice Honda chop. Kinda makes you want to build a bike doesn't it?


CHECK IT OUT! This should be fun to drive. William's bike.


Craig from Nitro Choppers is digging our Superbobber at the show.


Barry's got a 350 four chopper. Do not see many of these, which makes it cool!




Jimi & Matt are having a blast building his boxer framed project.




Great job to our friend, John Hulme in Calgary Canada!  We look forward to seeing your other projects also.


This is our friend Jim's bike in Tottenham, Ontario. Great job!



Moe in Florida's bike! Nice work!



Here is Graham's bike from Australia!



Daniel's bike!


Great Job, Jeff!




Bill from Boscobel shares pictures of his bike. Great Job!




All the way from Sweden. Awesome Bike!


Look at that paint job, oh, and all the Cycle X products!


Look at that Dual Carb system and those drag pipes! Great job!



Phil's bike! Oh my Lord...LOOK at all of the Cycle X brand stuff on there! Including a Git Kit!



Are those Cycle X Brand shocks on Ron's bike? I think so...shorty shocks rock!



Jon's Bike! Our Dual Carb setup, boxer frame, pipes, fork boots, kickstand, speedo, and handlebars! Great job!




Cycle X has now crossed into South America! Great looking bike!



Wooooooooah! Look at this bobber that Reed built! He started on it in 04'...and it's now completed! Great job on this build!



Corey's 77'! Look at that sick Cycle X Dual Carb set-up! Great job Corey & Khaos Tattoos!



Look at this bobber built by Travis! Features our Cycle X World Famous Boxer frame and a ton of other Cycle X products! Sharp!


Look at this beauty from Chaos Cycles. Notice the Dual Carb setup? Jealous much?




Makes you wanna build one eh? A Power Up Kit, Exposed charging system, 10mm Offset sprocket, and oil line adapters were needed to complete this sleek machine. Great job Brian!


Look at this "Flying Monkey" with our 849 kit, a cam, the performance valve springs, shortened forks and shorty shocks.
Future plans include an Exposed Alternator, our carb set, the Power Arc optical ignition, and our tri-y! Nice Job!


All the way from Vancouver! This bike is running our Power Arc Ignition system and already has 1 victory under its belt...and I'm sure many many many more to come! Keep up the great work Vic!


Chuck Bundy's bike from Monroe, MI




Christopher Baker running our 915cc kit.


Seth from Oregon, one of our favorite customers, included a couple of our parts here and there to develop a solid carb system. Thanks for sharing, Seth!


Emre from Turkey took our black super 4 into 1 exhaust out for a spin to add to his cutting edge style. Looks great!



Scott from Australia worked hard for this one. Nice bike!







Mark from Australia, one of our most loyal customers, with a recent update to his race bike. Love it!






Brock from Ohio built his Goldie 1970 CB750 with a great sound to it, including our 836 big bore, valves, drag clutch, etc. Altogether contributing to a savage sounding beast!
Quote: "HOLY S%#&! Been working on my CB for about a year. Started it yesterday and I've never heard a motor sound so loud and mean in my life. THANKS! Best 400 bucks I've ever spent."
Glad to hear, Brock!

Brock was even kind enough to share a video with us on the final product. Check it out! Nice looking bike, too!


King Evans from Georgia with "The Gryphon". He went on to say...

"This bike is so fun and fast. It's like riding a freaking explosion.

Kenny and the crew at Cycle X provide the amazing customer service and tech support. They bored this bike out to 836cc and fixed all the F2 Honda issues with the head. The bike is bad ass thanks to these guys.

Thanks Cycle X."

You're welcome! Your Gryphon looks great!






Dan had some trouble with his bike and bounced around from shop to shop in Manitoba until crossing over the border and visiting us in Wisconsin. We fixed up his carbs among other things and he's got our 4 into 2 exhaust (Version #6) and some of our coils on his bike. He had this to say...

"Up here in Canada, I had three shops work on my 1978 Honda CB750, to no avail. Frustrated about the lack of knowledge and can-do attitude, I packed the bike up and headed to Cycle X world headquarters. Ken made the time to investigate my series of problems. "I'm not afraid of your bike", he said. Ken fixed all of my issues including my carbs, that was the biggest headache of all. Ken in an incredibly knowledgeable guy that gets results. His team at Cycle X went above and beyond to fix my bike that runs and sounds amazing. Thanks for everything."

- Dan McLeod (Manitoba, Canada)

You're welcome, Dan. Great looking bike by the way!


Matthew from our home state of Wisconsin went all out on the holiday festivities by decking out his 72' CB750 with Christmas lights galore. (Includes flashing pattern!) Who needs a tree anyway?! Thanks for sharing!











Sean from Virginia upgraded his 76' CB750F out of a long list of our parts, including Cycle X cylinder and pistons, gaskets, speedo, tach, carbs, etc.

"Thanks to you guys, the bike runs like a dream. You guys are awesome! Thank you!!!"

No problem, glad to see the Cycle X touch on such a sleek looking bike! The add-ons show in big fashion!


Edward from Pittsburgh installed our exhaust to his blue 750 and now has the meanest machine on the road! Nice job and bike!





Stacy from Texas, upon getting his CB500, went to work on his first cafe racer project with a collection of our parts (most recently our 500/550 gasket set) and later on deciding to shave 65 lbs off his bike. Almost all work done to this bike was done by Stacy himself during his free time. He also added a cool feature where he can raise the tail end where he has a tool compartment stowed inside. Love the personalized hands-on approach, thanks for showing us, Stacy!

Paul from Georgia just recently finished his bobber project after about four years of work, including our boxer frame, Dyna ignition, roadster shorties, Mikuni carbs, and drag bar. Real glad to have been a helping hand, Paul!






Noel equipped our race-cut transmissions some time ago and has been testing the meddle of his gears in a breeze since! Also includes a few of our other miscellaneous parts for the internal motor such as some of our gaskets. Looking good!

"I put one of your "race-cut" transmissions in my 71' about five years ago and what a difference. I ride my bike pretty hard and have been slamming the gears at high RPM ever since we got the motor back together and on the road....well worth the investment!"


Brian ordered a few things from our 500/550 page and got a bit of extra help in building as well, here's what he had to say afterwards:

"Just wanted to share my bike and the parts used from you guys. It was built by Zak Bins of A.S. Custom in Candia, New Hampshire. We used your Wiseco Piston Kit as well as your race carbs and your custom manifold. She is ripper!"



Joe Glass in Colorado bought our Sidefire exhaust system (our personal favorites among our exhaust collection) now having some solid clearance off the ground! Compliments the bike very well, we'd say. Thank you Joe! 




Dennis Bazzett from Michigan got hands on with a project bike equipped with our sidewinder exhaust / longer muffler set and neck bearings and shared the process with us along the way. Thanks for sharing!


Tommy Cain's trike from Illinois.





Brett in Florida has upgraded his bike with a long list of our stuff over the past few years, including a 21" wheel and spoke kit, +2 tubes, front wheel mini speedo, electric kit #6, alternator block off plate with exposed charging system, etc. to get the full experience. Hope to see more added on in the future, Brett!




Kalle from Finland was looking for a set of carbs and other stuff for his '77 CB500K, where it's now equipped with our 26mm CR carbs, intake manifolds, and oil filter/cooler combo. After some tech exchanges back and forth, his 500 is now more than prepared to tear it up on the road. Was a pleasure to help along the way and see Kalle's hard work pay off.



We've been working alongside Neal from Oregon for his 915cc Honda, including some RS34mm carbs, our Rapid Fire exhaust, and a rebuilt motor that we did. Needless to say, everything turned out fantastic!

"To all the crew at Cycle X, I could not be happier with my 915cc Hot Rod Engine rebuild. The motor has more power than I ever imaged and looks amazing. The entire experience with everyone at Cycle X was outstanding. You are the best!"


Trevor from New Zealand purchased one of our 4 into 2 exhausts (Version #13), where it complimented his Hondamatic very well.

"Hi. I purchased a set of exhausts some months ago for my Honda CB750A Hondamatic. I put them on last week as the final touch to the restoration. Just want to let you know how happy I am with them. They look just like the OEM pipes, fitted beautifully and sound great. Good chroming too." 








Rod recently ordered a Harley twin carb system from us over our eBay store for his 38 Knuckle and now has the baddest machine in all of British Columbia. He kept in touch with us after setting up the carbs.

"Hello from Canada: Just want to thank you for a very fine product! When you said you could jet it close, you were right on the money. A small idle adjustment and then carb sinc. and to be honest, I don't even think that is necessary. I set the air screws for a smoothest idle I could achieve and its a first kick machine. It pulls strong when needed and it has never run this good ever with the old carb. This old 1938 runs as fine as a finely tuned Evolution and you can tell on how it lopes on deceleration. I will be altering a oval sunburst air filter so I have some leg room as it does protrude some. I machined up a longer brake pedal pad to replace the original rubber pad as it was difficult reaching that pad with my foot. And lastly those carbs look hot! I am very impressed with you and your product. Many thanks, Rod Mallett"


Chris in San Antonio reached out to us after ordering the front wheel mini speedo and shared these killer pics of his Honda 550F and the mini speedo equipped on the bike. Thanks for sharing!











Bill bought a bunch of parts from us to help give his sidecar an upgrade and hit the tracks shortly after.








"Hello Cycle X crew. Sidefire arrived yesterday and I got it on. Great exhaust! I was impressed when I pulled it out of the box. Sounds great on my 836. Pretty tight on my lowered bike but I took it for a test ride today and right lean was fine. 18 degrees outside so it was a short ride. Thanks for the best exhaust made for the old SOHC fours."

- Tim from Missouri




Cody from Buffalo, NY (Instagram: @cfagan85) was working around the clock to build his '79 CB750F DOHC Super Sport, now sporting our 34mm Mikuni carbs (with richer needles) and our 3 phase charging system and oil pressure gauge combo. He also shared his progress with us right before breaking in the motor and such. Eventually, he finished what would turn out to be a beautiful show bike.


After applying our boxer drop seat frame, roadster longie exhaust pipes, clutch plates, and a wheel setup, Steve Rocco in New York managed to fully develop his Honda practically from the ground up. Took many months of patience and hard work, but looks great!


Shoutout to Andy for equipping a bunch of our engine parts to his 970cc build and taking it to the road in style.




Here's a nice showbike from Jameson with our oil tank, pipes, and a bunch of motor stuff that he built for the One Moto Show in his hometown of Portland.



Check out this awesome build by Kiyo in California (one of our favorite bike builders)! WOW!

"Thank you so much for your support. I finished assembly and started engine in first try! Still need to tune it and fix small things. I will run it in Bonneville this summer."


Patrick from France purchased a lot from us over the past two years, including a CX-3 cam, a cryo treated transmission, Wiseco pistons, etc. and took it all to the tracks in one of his recent sidecar runs where he took 2nd in his first race with our parts. We wouldn't be surprised if we saw some 1st place finishes in his near future.


Steve from Australia recently finished assembling his motor with some of our modified carb parts, an undercut transmission set, RC 315 cam, etc. Glad we could help you get there!




Steve from Connecticut is taking the scenic roads with his Honda that just got equipped with our Mikuni RS carbs, featuring air filters and richer needles!





"I just want to thank Ken at Cycle X for all his assistance with my clutch problems. I had a Barnett extra plate clutch, and although it didn't slip, it had jerky and noisy engagement. I tried a different clutch and that engaged smoothly and quietly but slipped in the upper gears. Cycle X 6 spring conversion cured all these problems. I've attached some pictures of my bike. Thank you."

- Turbo Gregg


"This is my bike, owned more than 30 years, and did "big bore" 836 upgrade, new valves, titanium rockers Wiseco pistons, custom jetted carbs Kerker header, leather stitched seat, Michelin tires, 12 to 1 compression ratio, Eraldo Ferracci/Ducati dealer Willow Grove PA , receipts, did all work and paint pen signed under seat, original paínt and stripes, very quick."

- Bruce



Check out this Honda owned by Stephen in eastern Australia! This one sports a lot of our high-end engine parts, including our frog leg crankshaft, RC 315 camshaft, reconditioned oil pump, and much more!










Glen Noseworthy from Canada has spent a lot of time and money with us for an awesome end result in four (!) of his bikes, with a good chunk of parts coming directly from us. (Including one of the motors!) All look super sharp! His most recent project being his Lucky 13 bike with stellar cobweb wheels and barbed wire art. Thanks for showing us your hard work, Glen!




We've had a lot of followers over the past 20+ years, but one long-time customer took it to the next level and carries the Cycle X name in ink! Scotty Crane has been doing business with us for a long time and is considered our #1 customer.  The tattoos have earned him props and recognition from everyone in the shop.  Thanks for all the years, Scotty!








"Just want to say how impressed I was with your operation and your quality of work. Being a construction equipment mechanic myself I know what I'm looking at. There are so many guys out there trying to do what you're doing but don't even come close. Most of the time when I pass through your area it's after hours and you are closed. Next time I come through and you're there I'd like to stop and say hello and see what's up. Thanks."

- Erlin Anderson



King Evans from Georgia had this to say about our F2 services after he finished his Gryphon...

"Kenny and the crew at Cycle X provide the amazing customer service and tech support. They bored this bike out to 836cc and fixed all the F2 Honda issues with the head.

The bike is bad a$$ thanks to these guys. Thanks Cycle X."

No problem. ;)



“I used to have to adjust my Yamaha motorcycle chain after the first run because it would stretch. After cryo-treatment, the chains don't stretch at all, and the treatment also keeps cam chains from breaking. I haven't broken a chain since I started cryo-treating all of my parts.”

- Customer of Cryotreatment



"This is the BADDEST site Ive ever seen for chopped 750's!  Period. I've got a custom '71 cd 750 kI.  Frame neck was chopped and rake increase. Harley tail on the back. Big bore Kit. Custom "coffin" tank. I found your site when I was ordering some new jets for my carbs from Eric at Sudco. This motor is gonna rip. And with your help over some time I'm gonna get this thing rippin' freaky style. My dad custom built this bike in the 70's. He's moved on to bigger and better bikes and gave it to me as a project bike. With your help in the future, I hope to mix your new "old school" ideas with his old school style. I'm going to send some pics soon from a digital camera. I hope you like the drag bars, chromed railroad spikes foot rests and the CROSS-OVER PIPES. I never see these style pipes...EVER. They sound BAD! I'm so stoked to get this bike rejetted, repainted this winter, and then accessorized over time by your outfit.

You guys got wicked bikes on your site. Old school rules!"

Thanks Matt!


Dan had some trouble with his bike and bounced around from shop to shop in Manitoba until crossing over the border and visiting us in Wisconsin. We fixed up his carbs among other things and he's got our 4 into 2 exhaust (Version #6) and some of our coils on his bike. He had this to say...

"Up here in Canada, I had three shops work on my 1978 Honda CB750, to no avail. Frustrated about the lack of knowledge and can-do attitude, I packed the bike up and headed to Cycle X world headquarters. Ken made the time to investigate my series of problems. "I'm not afraid of your bike", he said. Ken fixed all of my issues including my carbs, that was the biggest headache of all. Ken in an incredibly knowledgeable guy that gets results. His team at Cycle X went above and beyond to fix my bike that runs and sounds amazing. Thanks for everything."

-Dan McLeod (Manitoba, Canada)

You're welcome, Dan. Great looking bike by the way!





"The Cycle X Carb system is the best new product developed in 30 years. Simple, dialed in and priced right. We wouldn’t even consider anything else."

Jeff Zeller, Custom Choppers Inc. (Boulder Junction, Wisconsin)


"The Cycle X manifolds with Mikuni carbs are better than any of these modifications (Individually or collectively)  Velocity stacks, straight pipes, cam, larger pistons. They're easy to install and the quickest way to get massive horsepower gains."

Rick Hoover (Saint Charles, Missouri)


"Ken's carb system has it all. Price, looks and function. I will never rebuild another set of Honda carbs again. Too much time and money when this new system looks cooler and out performs those old carbs. I couldn't be happier."

Conrad Hoover (Saint Charles, Missouri)


"It's nothing but the best and the service is even better. I would like to tell everyone out there that I know nothing compares. If some of you die-hard 750 owners would buy them. You will not be sorry. THEY'RE KICK ASS!"

Raymond Cawley (New York City, New York)


"These carbs and manifolds are nothing but the best! The service you get from Ken is even better. There is nothing I know that compares. If you are thinking of buying them, don't hesitate. You will not be sorry. The performance is truly real and not hype."

Stacey Glenn Barnard (Bainbridge, New York)


"The difference between Ken's Carbs and stock is UNBELIEVABLE! This motor has never run this well since I first put it together!"

Cliff Watkins (Irving, Texas)






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