CycleX  811cc piston kits. The perfect medium size big bore kits.  "NEW"

Some people think that boring a Honda cb750 cylinder to 65mm (836cc) makes the sleeves a bit thin... sometimes we think that also.
Introducing the CycleX, Wiseco 64mm (811cc) medium big bore kits.
Still retains nice cylinder wall thickness.
155 grams (bare weight)
Generous valve pocket relief for larger camshafts.
10.25 compression ratio.
Great piston kit!!!
Cylinder has perfect fins.
Blasted, surfaced, heli-coiled, feed "O" ring modification, bored and honed.

CycleX piston and cylinder combo kit.



1000cc Piston & Cylinder Combo.
Wiseco/CycleX  71mm piston kit with max compression.
Comp. Ht. 0.9255
Bore: 2.7952
2795XC rings.
Generous valve pockets for oversize valves and large camshafts.

Cylinder work:
Blast cylinder.
Stock sleeves removed.
Cylinder bottom surfaced.
Cylinder block bored and honed to accept big-bore sleeves.
Heat and install sleeves.
Surface the top side.
Bore and hone for the 71mm pistons.
Bevel sleeves.
Cylinders are treated with a special filler between 1&2 and 3&4 cylinders for strength.
Machine and install dowel pins to keep the oil feed "O" rings in place. 
Total milling from cylinder top and bottom is .008.
The cylinder has been machined for "O" ring wire .... Generally used with copper head gaskets.
# RF-20




Honda cb750 K model cylinder head. Refurbished. Ported.
This #4 ported cylinder head option has oversize intake valves. Perfect for hot street and track racing. Our most popular version.

Featured parts:
Kibblewhite black diamond 33.5 oversize intake valves.
Kibblewhite black diamond std exhaust valves.
CycleX/Kibblewhite cast iron exhaust guides.
Kibblewhite valve springs.
Titanium top spring retainers.
Kibblewhite Viton valve seals.
K model head with perfect fins.

Featured machine work:
Fully ported #4 version.
Intake port seats opened up and blended to 86% of the intake valve size.
Valve to valve clearances set up to the great CX-11 cam specs or similar.
Springs are set at 72 lbs ( intake and exhaust)
Milled .010 to clean-up.
Combustion chamber blended for 65mm bore.
Every threaded hole has been Heli-coiled on the top side.
Assembled using parts listed.

# RF-KMC   




Refurbished Honda CB750 SOHC Cylinder With Wiseco 836cc Piston Kit.
Refurbished mania continues !!!

Kit includes:
            High quality Wiseco 65mm , 836cc , 10.25 compression ratio, XC ring packs.
   Good finned cylinder.Glass beaded.
       Surfaced to clean up.
      6 long Heli coils.
       Bored and Honed.
                        New  cylinder sleeve "O" rings.
Oil feed "O" ring modification.  This modification is a old racer procedure to keep the feed "O" rings in place .... A good idea.

 # RF-222




Honda CB750 SOHC 836cc 65mm Big Bore Piston and Cylinder Combo

This Wiseco 836cc piston and cylinder kit has been refurbished and is available for an outright sale with no reserve.


No broken fins, glass beaded, surfaced, freshly bored and honed.

Dowel pin upgrade for the oil feed o-rings (keeps the o-rings in place).
Piston kit:

These Wiseco pistons have approx 775 miles on them and the previous owner lost interested in the project. The pistons were near perfect.

We skirt coated the pistons with our race proven Armor Glide coatings.

We also coated the piston domes with our race proven thermo barrier procedure to repel unwanted heat.

New wrist pins and circlips. New 2559XC ring sets.

Great piston and cylinder kit!






970cc (70mm) Refurbished Piston & Cylinder Kit

This piston and refurbished cylinder are fully machined and ready for installation.

The cylinder is the preferred early version with out the 8 large drain holes that are not able to be used when big-bore sleeves are used.
The cylinder fins are nearly perfect.

The cylinder has been re-sleeved in the following manor:
Glass beaded for inspection.
Stock cylinder liners removed.
Alloy cylinder is skim surfaced on both sides.
Alloy cylinder is bored to approx. .007 final size.
Epoxy is applied to open cavities when large cylinder liners are used.
"O" ring grooves are re-machined on the bottom.
The cylinder is final bored and honed to accept big-bore sleeves.
Note: Many machine shops in the olden days would only bore the alloy block and push the big-bore sleeves in. This procedure never really seemed to work because the alloy block had boring bar machine marks left and the sleeves would loosen in time. That's why boring then honing to exact sizing and finish are important.
The cylinder is heated and cooled cylinder sleeves are installed.
Cylinder top is re-surfaced.
The cylinder is now final bored and honed.
Six heli-coils are installed (we like heli-coils).

The 70mm 970cc Wiseco pistons have generous valve pocket reliefs and accept oversize valves. Compression ratios range from high 10's to mid 12's depending on combustion chamber modifications.
Armor glide skirt coated.
Thermo barrier dome coated to repel unwanted heat.
XC ring package.

The cylinder sleeves are the super dense and harder than most cast iron sleeves on the market. Most machinist can hear and feel the difference when boring and honing. Our sleeves are better!





Refurbished K Model Cylinder Head

This cylinder head has been refurbished with the following parts and machine labor:

Super flow back-cut valves.
Kibblewhite cast iron valve guides.
Viton seals.
Glass beaded, surfaced, guides
   reamed and deep-cut valve job
   was performed.
Perfect fins.

Outright sale, no exchange needed.






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