Just in time for the holiday season, Cycle X is trying to take the guess-work out of holiday shopping.

How many times has your significant other bought you something that they "thought they heard you say that you wanted" something?

Now, we're making it easier on both of you.

Have you had your eyes on something at Cycle X, but with Christmas coming up you've been holding off?

Send them here!

We are offering the greatest flexibility that we possibly can with regard to these gift certificates.  Not only can you get one to put under the tree/stuff it in their stocking, but you can also choose the PayPal option.


You can get a physical copy of your gift certificate two different ways. You can give us a call at the shop at 715-356-7346.  Have your credit card ready and we'll get it sent out to you.

Otherwise, you may also place your order via PayPal here. Choose the value of your gift card and specify the "To:" and "From:" field below.

(If you'd like a value other than the options below, you will need to place your order over the phone)


Choose Price

Thanks again for your continued support throughout the year.  We wouldn't be here without our customers and we wouldn't keep pushing the envelope without you pushing us!

Thank you!

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